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What is Online WISH?


What is WISH?

Wannabees Inspirational Spiritual Hour. These hours are normally done after a days work on a mission trip.  It is the time Wannabees take to work on ourselves and build our group from independent to family. We reflect upon the day, share with others and respond to how God wants us to react and grow. It is our chance to grow spiritually. It is our time to thank HIM for all he has done, be grateful for opportunities we’ve had and ponder how we will handle what has been dealt to us and what will be expected. It can be a time of Worship, laughter and even tears. 

What is Online WISH?

Wannabees Inspirational Spiritual Hour every month! Realizing how much these WISH hours do for us on our mission trips, we wanted to find a way to connect during the year – or between the trips. So, we created Online Wish where we will meet via our smart technology and respond to how God wants us to react and grow. Currently, Wannabees range from Michigan to Florida and Ohio to Illinois with hundreds in a 50-mile radius around Hamilton, IN. Let’s continue to grow for the Kingdom! Register @ or email

What is a Wannabee?

It’s simple: We "wanna be" like Christ! Our mission statement:

Our purpose as a Wannabee is to be like Jesus Christ as we serve, help, and love others.

Goals of Online WISH

1. Fellowship: To connect consistently as a Wannabee group 

2. Grow: To inspire & grow others spiritually

3. Serve: To help in our neighborhoods and communities

  · Find a quiet place to sit with your computer or smart device with a pen/pencil and paper. You never know what quote or scripture you might want to jot down.

· Turn off ringers or any noise that might distract yourself or WISH.

· Grab a favorite beverage! Enhance the experience. Create ways to make this an hour you will look forward to.

· Invite a friend, neighbor or relative to join you. Always wanted to invite someone to church but it just isn’t his/her thing? This might be an easier invite.

· Mute your phones, computers... etc. if you are not talking. 

· Use headphones to allow easier access to sound of others

· Feel free to plug your smart device into your TV to see a larger screen

· Be sure to be in a group of 2 or more 

· Respect the one who is talking. Eye contact as if you were in the room.

· Use chat box to communicate and allow yourself to engage.

· Break-out Rooms

§ Be respectful of others – please share something that might be helpful for others and allow others time to talk!

§ Please go to the Break-out room that you feel called to. If you go to a room and no one shows up, we’ll get you to a room w/ more!

It may take us a week or two to get the flow of the Break-out rooms. Be patient; we know this can work and will allow more in-depth conversation as well as growth for the Wannabees and most important – allow more to come to know Christ through smaller groups! 


Guidelines of WISH:

  · All eyes and ears should be on the person talking. Please be respectful of and how patience, kindness to the person talking. NO SIDE TALK. This is so distracting and so disrespectful. 

· We want everyone to participate but will not force anyone. It is not mandatory. However, if you feel called to share, please do so. Everyone benefits when you add that thought or share an idea.

· Be okay with silence. Some topics may be hard and difficult for some; allow some moments of silence to allow others or yourself to work through a difficult or emotional situation. If you’re uncomfortable with silence, close your eyes, pray silently or think through what God is wanting from you at that moment. 

· Enjoy WISH. Everyone will take away something different but our goal is to help ourselves and each other grow spiritually. T

· When you feel led: Smile, Sing, Clap, Hug or just Praise in whatever way feels right. No judging! We all worship and praise God in different ways. 

Let the Holy Spirit guide you. If this is an uncomfortable territory, talk with one of our leaders. 


Carve out some Quiet “God time” afterwards to reflect. 

Why Am I here? What is my purpose? What do you want from me, God?  Think through how you are to be used or what are you to gain from these weekly hours? 

Wannabee Chant:

I don’t’ know but God told me (repeat Group)

He’s the pilot of the Wannabees (repeat Group)

He’ll guide our spirits all the way (repeat Group)

This mission work is his each day (repeat Group)

We ARE (repeat Group)

THE WANNBEES (repeat Group)


(Grab hands) Say Prayer: God, be with us and guide us to do your will today. Amen

(Arms in like a team): God is Good. . .all the time…all the time... God is Good!

Wannabees!! (Arms Up)