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The Children's Home

This is where twenty-five children ages 8-18 call home. It is where they eat, sleep, do homework and chores everyday, along with the other twenty-four children. The staff (usually two to three aunties to the twenty-five children) do their very best to keep up, but with so many youngsters, the Wannabees love to help! Every year we spend much of our time mentoring the children, hosting a VBS with crafts and snacks, playing on the playground, and just loving on them all! It is a fun and exciting couple weeks for both the kids and for the Wannabees teams! 


"Five months later, this moment is one I hold very close to my heart and think about every single day. I never thought a 10-year-old boy would change my perspective on the world. Getting to know him over my trip to Jamaica was an experience I'll never stop thinking about. Coming to understand the way others live in different parts of the world made me more grateful for the life I have."

"I walked into Jamaica thinking I was going on an “easy” missions trip.  Living in a house with air conditioning in the bedrooms, wifi, people taking care of us, a pool….etc. etc.  I was excited. Hang out with some orphans….

Little did I know how God was going to wreck me in this trip. "


Home for Individuals with Disablities

This home is approximately 30 miles from Montego Bay. There are usually around 80 residents (children and young adults) with moderate to severe special needs living on campus. Many of the residents have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism and other developmental disabilities. The staff do their best to bathe, feed, and care for the children and adults, but as you would guess, it is not easy. The Wannabees love working with the amazing staff to take some off of their work load. The time we spend dancing, singing, and laughing with the children is wonderful. You can absolutely tell the Holy Spirit is in this home.


"As we both found our way with these sweet people we realized that all we had to do was be there.   We just had to hold a hand or follow if they led us somewhere. Compassion is free, you just have to let your guard down and open your heart. While I was finding my way I once again was blown away by our young people. It did not make a difference to them how very desperately these kids were deformed physically or how mentally challenged they were our kids just loved them. I learned a lot from them."

"​For me, the most important story was to watch how my 17 year old son, Nolan, put his Christian upbringing into action. He befriended the children of God at both the orphanage, as well as the home for the disabled. I was proud how he quickly could see their inner spirit, and that Jesus resides in every living being."

Nursing Homes

Heart of Gold and Sweet Harmony Nursing Homes

The Wannabees have been assisting two nursing homes in Mount Salem, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Both elderly homes have many needs; we have been reaching a helping hand by bringing supplies (such as nurse scrubs, clothes pins, band-aids, groceries etc.) and sitting with the residents, further spreading the love of Christ.  


Heart of Gold Nursing Home

Our mission at Heart of Gold was to help remodel the home they recently purchased. Our two teams in the summer of 2017 accomplished this goal, and now, the residents and staff are enjoying their new facility! Our 2018 team was able to bring children to perform a talent show for the residents.


Sweet Harmony Nursing Home

The Wannabees have been assisting the Sweet Harmony Nursing home in a variety of ways. Some of the activities we enjoy at Sweet Harmony is hosting ice cream socials and singing lots of hymns with the residents and staff!